Experience counts.

The JDX Compass Programme is our mentoring initiative that sees highly experienced, external experts join us each month to provide mentoring support to our people.

The 12-month programme includes both 1-to-1 and group mentoring sessions, ensuring we enable individual career development and support, as well as encouraging peer-to-peer mentoring amongst the groups. The mentors offer career advice and guidance, assist individuals to create and action their personal development plans, discuss and generate new ideas, share resources, listen and help to unlock the mentees’ potential.

Using experienced individuals from outside of JDX to mentor our people brings a fresh, independent perspective, a wealth of expertise and experience to share, broad networks, insight on best practice and suggestions for improving the workplace journey our people experience.

Our mentors meet with the JDX leadership team quarterly to ensure we, as a company, are able to act on both mentor and mentee feedback and provide additional development and support to our people where required.

Making the difference

JDX Establishes a Go Green Society

MONIKA MESKAUSKAITE Breaking the Plastic Habit is a programme which aims to eliminate single-use plastics from stores and businesses at Canary Wharf via new technology,

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JDX to support British Schoolgirls Skiing Races 2020

The British Schoolgirl Races, which are organised by the Ladies Ski Club, first took place on the slopes of Gstaad in 1959, moving to Villars in 1976. 

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Why Letting Data Go Matters to Customers and Companies

MARKUS BUHMANN We hear a lot of talk about how, why and when organisations collect data from individuals.

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