Sea, sun and sailing are three words that describe this year’s Dart 18 World Championships. Taking place at the Royal Varuna Yacht Club in Thailand, it is the first Dart 18 World Championships to be hosted in Asia. 

Starting on the 16th February, the winner will be the individual or team boasting the least amount of points after ten races. The prize of glory is the ’Winners Cup‘ which the successor will hold until 2020 at the next World Championships in La Rochelle.

JDX is delighted to be both sponsoring and taking part in the event this year. JDX’s involvement with the Dart 18 World Championships was founded on a shared ideology; sailing a Dart 18 represents freedom and teamwork as well as community in providing people the opportunity to participate in and enjoy social events. In a similar vein, JDX values the individuality of its people and the energy and vibrancy they bring to the workplace.

The first World Championships took place in 1991 and this year is expected to be one of the most competitive yet with 55 boats competing, 30 of which will come from the UK and 4 will be sailed by former world champions. Also in the VIP line up is David Lloyd, the current UK Champion and the only person to have sailed at every World Championship since its inception.

This year our founder Jonathan Davies is also taking part. JDX is never far away from the waterfront; our consultants Ella Stoggall and James Hutton-Penman have both enjoyed national sailing success. Locally, JDX hosts most of its offsite events at the Itchenor Sailing Club based in Chichester, West Sussex. Towards the end of 2018 we welcomed All Blacks legend Sean Fitzpatrick to Itchenor, where we explored the leadership lessons that can be learned from the world-famous side.

Leadership and teamwork will need to be prominent for success in Thailand, and we wish JD, David and any JDXers participating in the World Championships the very best of luck and look forward to hearing the exciting tales that follow!

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